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About Jimmy

About Jimmy

For more than twenty years, Jimmy Riccitello was one of the world’s top professional triathletes. He was one of the most fearsome cyclists the sport of triathlon has ever had, and has claimed victories in all corners of the earth. Jimmy has been successful in all types of triathlon (non-drafting, drafting, and off-road triathlons) and all distances (sprint, Olympic, ½ Ironman, and Ironman).

His sincere love of the sport allowed him to remain competitive – training and racing at the elite level for two decades. From day one, he has been self-coached. He became a true student of triathlon, learning everything he could about all aspects of the sport - training, traveling, racing, diet. Jimmy spent years in the field learning the practical side of racing and training from some of the best in the business – athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Greg Welch, Mike Pigg, Paul Huddle, Scott Molina, and Scott Tinley. He learned from experience as evidenced by his consistent top performances and his continued improvement over the years.

Through his relationships with triathlon and cycling’s top athletes (past and present) and coaches, Coach Jimmy is able to meld the tried and true old-school philosophy of “hard work pays off,” with cutting edge technology.  Jimmy is well-versed in working with power, has spent many hours with the likes of Steve Hed, in the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel, and is current on the latest and greatest in running techniques and technologies via his on-going relationship with innovators such as Danny Abshire of Newton Shoes.

Finally, as a husband and father of two children, Coach Jimmy understands the need to balance training with conflicting demands on your time.  His approach integrates wisdom, humility, candor, and humor (that’s right) that comes from almost 30 years of experiences as a triathlete, close to 40 years as a competitive athlete, and over 10 years as a coach.  Jimmy enjoys sharing his experience through coaching others and helping athletes of all abilities reach their potential.  He enjoys talking with his athletes - and is always available via email or cell phone to answer questions about your program, chat about your training, or tell you one of his many stories. Jimmy can help you become a better athlete no matter what type or distance of triathlon you are interested in and no matter what your ability.

Some of Jimmy’s accomplishments include:


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