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Alien Sighting

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December 13th, 2011


Matthew James Riccitello (9) does quite a bit of writing in his Sam Hughes Elementary school class.  I hope you enjoy his story about an aliens attacking crops . . . and sports.

Topic: You are visiting your relatives in the country when aliens begin attacking the crops.  You decide to call the police.

One day I was visiting my relatives when aliens attacked the crops.  I decided to call the police.

The alien’s clothes were sports jerseys.  That includes their shirts, shorts, and socks.  The teams that the jerseys represented were mostly the Miami Heat, The Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Yankees.  On their head they wore football helmets and hockey masks.  On their hands they wore golfing gloves which came in handy for grabbing crops.  They also wore running shoes on their feet.  It looked as though they were sponsored by Nike.

The aliens looked very strong and athletic.  They were neon green and dark blue.  They didn’t have any hair, but you couldn’t really tell because of their football helmets and hockey masks.  Like a normal human, they had two legs, two eyes, one nose, two ears, and about 30 teeth.

The alien’s spaceships looked compact on the outside, but they were colossal on the inside.  They were fancy on both the inside and outside.  In the inside there was a front room that had a lot of controls that ran the spaceship.  In the second room back, there was a running track.  In the next room back, there was a basketball court.  There was also a football stadium, soccer field, lounge, tv room, and video game room.
The aliens moved like they were famous.  The aliens were good runners.  They had a very good stride for running.

The spaceship moved in many different ways.  It could hover, bounce, float, and swim very fast.  This was called hyperspeed.  It also had a mode where it could turn invisible.  This was called hyperfuse, because it confused people.

That is what I saw when I was visiting my relatives and aliens attacked the crops.

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