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Athlete Accolades

May 23rd, 2011

Victor “Ain’t No Hill Climber” Riquelme rocked the Cotton Classic TT in 26:12, winning overall and setting a course record. He then rode 120 miles in the wind and heat in anticipation of the 156 mile Philly International Cycling Championship on June 5 - a training effort that required “3 cokes and a huge-ass burrito,” to refuel the gas tank. After a day like that - you earned that burrito and at least one of the cokes.

Stacey “SW” Finerman was the first overall woman in the Harryman Half Iron Triathlon on Saturday, May 21. I’m officially a little scared about training with her during the second annual “SW Camp,” which got under way today (more on this event, soon).

Molly “GOM” Friel (pictured) finished a close second overall in the California Classic in Fresno.  It’s very cool to see Molly working her way back to some fast running after a long lay-off.

Teri “Tasmanian Devil” Albertazzi and Tammy “Silence Of The” Lamb and finished third and eighth (respectively) overall in the Tucson Triathlon, Sunday.  Teri and Tammy also had the second and first fastest bike splits!  I’ll be typing more about these two in the coming months as they round into triathlon shape.

Susan “Bodacious” Hayden dragged her two male team mates to overall victory in the coed division of a local (Baton Rouge, LA) adventure race.  The Bodacious One predicts that rope traverses will become the new “ab-blaster.”

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