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Athlete Accolades

July 5th, 2011

This July 4th weekend was a quiet one (in terms of racing anyway) for most Riccitello Coaching athletes, with the exception of my own two little Riccitellos.  Matthew and Madeline competed in the Tucson Firecracker Triathlon – 250 long course meter swim/4 mile bike/1 mile run. 

Matthew “got a new bike” Riccitello placed 1st in the 9-10 boys age group, pulling off an 8:02 mile in the Tucson heat after a smoking fast bike. Madeline “I don’t have to pee” Riccitello placed 2nd in the 7-8 girls age group, hanging tough with her side cramp on the run.  More importantly, they both had a blast and worked hard with smiles on their faces.  (Check out the smiles here.)  I could not be more proud.

Hope you all had a Happy 4th.

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