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Athlete Accolades

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August 30th, 2011


Bree Wins!
Bree Wins!
Bree and Kainoa, post race(s).
Bree and Kainoa, post race(s).
Erica "Iron Kong" McClure finishes third in the 40-44 age-group and Ironman Canada!
Vic and Jimmy at bike practice.
Vic and Jimmy at bike practice.

Congratulations to Bree Wee for her overall win at the Lavaman Keahou triathlon.  It was a double Wee weekend, as her son Kainoa participated in the Lavakids race the day before.  You can read more about Bree’s weekend on her wonderful blog.

Three cheers for Erica “Iron Kong” McClure on her spectacular third place finish in the 40-44 age-group at Ironman Canada.  Erica hit Canada as the ultimate last big workout for the Ford Ironman World Championships on Oct. 10th.  I can’t wait to cheer for Iron Kong on triathlon’s biggest stage in a few short weeks.

Words can’t explain how happy I am for Stephanie Jones and her third place overall finish in the professional field at Ironman Louisville.  Her toughness and work ethic that were on display at France Camp a few weeks ago, paid dividends in Kentucky.  Keep an eye on this up-and-comer.

Eduardo Sanchez continues to work towards his big goal of Ironman Arizona in November.  Ed finished the tough Santa Barbara triathlon on Saturday in fine shape.  Next up is the Orangeman Half Ironman on Sept. 11.  Keep it up, Ed!

It’s great to see Victor “The Nut Man” Riquelme back in action after recovering from shoulder surgery due to injuries sustained in a crash during the Manhattan Beach Gran Prix earlier this summer.  Thanks for dragging me around today!

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