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Coffee: A Simple Pleasure

July 19th, 2011

I’m in France running a cycling camp.  The best part about the trip, besides the incredible cycling and camaraderie: coffee.

Coffee in France is usually espresso and sugar – petite, which is a single espresso, or grande, which is espresso and a little water.  It’s very simple.  There is also café au lait (coffee with milk), café American (espresso and water), and the classic Cappucino (espresso with steamed milk and frothed milk).

Coffee is everywhere.

I exited customs and the smell of coffee permeated the airport terminal. 

When I walked into the car rental agency all I noticed was the smell of coffee.  Half a euro later, I was sipping an exquisite café Americano that came out of a machine.  That’s right – instead of a coke machine, the rental car office had a coffee machine.  You put your money in, push a button, and out pops a coffee.  Ce magnifique.

I walked into the bike shop – French Press on the work bench.

I stopped to fill gas and there was an espresso machine on the counter – one euro.

Every restaurant, bread shop, souvenir shop, grocery store, and café (duh) has outstanding coffee.  While I don’t parle francais very well, I’m pretty darn sure that the person in front of me was not ordering a one-pump skinny soy mochacchino with whip cream and sprinkles on top.

That is almost as refreshing as the coffee.

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