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September 25th, 2012


I don’t claim to be an expert on child behavior, but as a father of two, I’m kind-of forced to study children’s behavior extensively.

As a result of my last 10 years of studies, it occurs to me that through semi-clever manipulation the little creatures can be steered – even controlled.

It seems that if you simply “do” with your kids, they will “do,” too.  My favorite “dos” are what I call the three Ws: homework, housework, and working out.
Want your kids to do their homework - get involved, even if you have no idea how to decipher the new math.  Sit down and think through assignments with your kids.  Not only will they appreciate the company – you may learn something in the process.
Want your kids to clean their room – make sure they see you cleaning yours.  And after they see you clean yours (and possibly help you out), roll up your sleeves and wade into the junkyard that your kids call “my room.”

Want your kids to like working out – be sure they’re able to watch your routine or that they’re at least familiar with what you do for physical activity.  Run around the block with them after you finish your run.  Ride around the playground with them.  Swim with them.

If you lead by example, more often than not they will follow your lead.

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