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Feed Zone Tips

March 4th, 2012

I spent some time in the feed zone of the Tucson Bicycle Classic today.  While there, Caryn Fraser, wife of Gord Fraser, Director Sportif of the Competitive Cyclist Racing Team, educated me on the finer points of handing water bottles to the bike racers.  Her tips for a successful feed include:

• Wear clothing that is easily identifiable by the athlete you’re feeding, such as your athlete’s team kit, or something unique or brightly colored (and be sure to communicate this with your athlete beforehand)
• Stand still (no running allowed in the feed zone!)
• Hold the bottle by the top, loosely
• Let your athlete come to you and do not attempt to get to your athlete

Check out my video interview with Caryn and video of us performing feeds during the third stage of the Tucson Bicycle Classic. (GC won by Francisco Mancebo, stage three won by Cole House, both of  Whether you’re volunteering in an aid station at your favorite triathlon, or supporting your favorite cyclist at a bike race – hopefully this video will increase the likelihood that your athlete will get his or her nutrition, and decrease the likelihood that you, your athlete, or anyone else in the near vicinity will get injured.

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