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I Love My Job

December 20th, 2011


Matthew James and Madeline Grace - Photo by: John Segesta
Matthew James and Madeline Grace - Photo by: John Segesta

To say that triathlon has been good to me is an understatement.  Just about everything important to me in my life has come as a result of my involvement with triathlon.
I’ve donated my fair share of blood, sweat, and tears to my profession, but never once have I considered my involvement in triathlon – both past and present – work (in a j-o-b kind of way).  Yet triathlon is my job.  And for that, I’m both thankful and fortunate.
Today my friend, and photographer extraordinaire, John Segesta, came over to shoot some photos for an upcoming story that has something to do with me, in a triathlon magazine.  My two kids were playing in the front yard when John pulled up.

“Where are you going, Daddy?” 

“I’m heading out with John for a bit.  He’s gonna take some pictures of me?”

“Pictures of you?  For what?”

“For a magazine.”

“You’re going to be in a magazine?!  Why?  We want to get our pictures taken, too!  Can we be in the magazine?”

And now I have this picture to add to my list of things important to me.

Thank you, John, and thank you triathlon.

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