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August 12th, 2011


MJ and I heading out in Colorado
MJ and I heading out in Colorado

I’m doing the Leadville 100 MTB tomorrow.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve toed the line in a race of this stature.

For the last ten years or so, I’ve been a cheerleader to my friends and clients – living vicariously through their triumphs and failures instead of living them on the field of play . . . and it’s been great.
But I’m on the starting line in a few hours and I just want to say that I’m touched by all of the encouragement I’m receiving from loved-ones, friends, family, clients, and others.  I would like to apologize in advance for not winning – overall or in my age-group.  But I want you all to know that your well-wishes and encouragement will ensure that I get 110% out of myself tomorrow.  Heck, I may even hurt myself (in a good way).
I can’t tell you all how many memories of racing have returned in the last couple of days – mostly because my old racing pals Paul Huddle and Mike Pigg are here too.  Our conversations have centered on how much training we’ve done (or not done), how light our bikes are, what tires we’re using, what we’re eating for dinner and breakfast, what we’re eating and drinking during the race, where we’re going to take our morning dump – some things never change.

What has changed is that we’re here for slightly different reasons, now, vs. the old days.  This said – when the gun goes off, we will push ourselves to the limit because that part of our past will never go away.  When the gun goes off, we will not spend much time thinking about why we signed up for this crazy race.

But I’m thinking about it now, and it feels good and right.  I have my family here - friends.  We’ve had fun together, and now this race has snuck up on me. 

It’s different – yet similar enough. 

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