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Lasagna Night At France Camp

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August 25th, 2011

What goes together better than exercise, food, and France?  Yes, that is a rhetorical question.

Most summers I lead a small group of campers up and down the famous climbs of the French Alps.  And while the climbing and descending are amazing and epic, the food (and wine) often steal the show.

Our humble, jovial, and gracious host, Michael Baldwin (from the UK), owner of our Camp Chalet, along with his trusted assistant Alex (from France), prepare our daily meals – and each meal is special, delicious and made almost entirely from local ingredients.  The salad, for example, is picked from Michael’s garden in the Chalet’s backyard.  The cheese and wine are from the neighborhood goats, sheep, cows, and vines.  The berries we enjoy at breakfast grow wild and rampant alongside the roads of our village and are picked daily.

Here’s a little video from “Lasagna Night” at France Camp.  Come ride and eat with us next year.

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