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July 1st, 2012


So good and so good for you. Don't believe me - sue me.
So good and so good for you. Don't believe me - sue me.

This is Nutella.  I think the French words at the bottom translate to: Really good shit.

Nutella was dreamed up by Italian Pietro Ferrero who owned a bakery in Alba, Italy – an area known for its production of hazlenuts.

In the late 1940s there was very little chocolate available due to rations during WW II and heavy taxes on cocoa powder.  In an attempt to produce “chocolate” less expensively, the resourceful and inventive Pietro blended hazelnuts and almonds with chocolate.
He sold his first batch in 1946 as a solid block and introduced the creamy version, named Supercrema in 1951.  In 1964 Supercrema became Nutella.

Ferraro was recently sued in a class action lawsuit over (alleged) false claims that Nutella carries nutritional and health benefits.  As a result of the lawsuit, customers will receive 3 million dollars (up to 4 dollars per jar in returns).

I can tell you for almost certain that this lawsuit is BS.  Every France Camper will tell you that without Nutella, PR times up Alpe d’Huez would not be possible.  Furthermore, every camper who consumes Nutella has reported a weight loss upon return to their non-Nutella containing households.  Europeans eat way more Nutella than Americans and I’m pretty sure there are less heavy people per capita in Europe than America.


I don’t care.  I’m about to eat another half a jar.

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