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Susan’s Balancing Act

November 5th, 2012


Susan and Me
Susan and Me

I met Susan Hayden in 2006 and for the past 6 years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping her reach her triathlon goals.

Susan is one of the reasons I feel like I have the best job in the world.

Susan is mom to two wonderful daughters, has a supportive husband who is occasionally her partner in crime at the odd sporting adventure, a long-time business owner, is the Chairman of the Board for Rocketkidz - a non-profit whose mission is to create and sustain active, fit and healthy children, families and communities through programming, advocacy and education, and yet she still manages to find time to volunteer for an unbelievable amount of other events and causes.

This Saturday in Panama City Beach, Florida, Susan crossed an Ironman finish line for the eighth time. But not before she insisted on rounding up some of her friends and organizing and coordinating the penalty tents on the Ironman Florida bike course, which, by the way, is a couple-month commitment. And then - no sooner was she finished, and she was off to support one of her daughter’s cross-country meets.

No one in Susan’s life seems to get the short end of the stick - including Susan. But to get done what she gets done requires dedication, commitment, sincerity, organization, and a heart the size of an elephant’s. 

We can learn so much from our friends and those around us if we simply pay attention. I have learned more from Susan than she’s learned from me - which makes me feel kind-of funky, considering the nature of our relationship. But I will consider it a perk of the job - a perk for which I am extremely thankful.

As Susan’s coach, I am now tasked with figuring out the singular case of GI distress that Susan has ever experienced - probably in her life - at mile 8 of the Ironman Florida run. This is a woman who ate a bratwurst at the Verona aid station at the start of the second loop of the Ironman Wisconsin bike course and suffered no ill effects. And this is a woman whose remedy for her Ironman Florida GI issues, and I’m talking major issues, was to eat a cheeseburger within minutes of finishing. Weirder still - it seemed to work.

Like I said - you learn something new every day if you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open.

Congrats Smooh - and thank you!

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