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The 30 Minute Run

June 9th, 2011

A while ago – when 30 hour training weeks piled up like dirty laundry – I used to think a 30 minute run was useless.  However, now that I have a few more morsels on my plate –  I think that a 30 minute run is priceless. 

In fact, a 30 minute run is quite possibly the most perfect workout known to man (or woman).  On the worst of days, when kids, spouse, work, and/or life gets in the way of your pursuit of fitness – there is always time for a 30 minute run.  In fact, my experience has been that before you figure out what exercise you should be doing – you would’ve been done with a 30 minute run.  Heck – I’ve sat on the can for more than 30 minutes. 

My point is – there is always time in your day for a 30 minute run, so get over the fact that 30 minutes is a seemingly insignificant amount of time for a worthwhile workout. It’s 30 minutes more than zero minutes, after all – and that’s before considering the cumulative impact of multiple 30 minute runs. 

So if you’re short on time, don’t waste time worrying about the missed workouts – simply step out the door with your running sneaks on and pound out a 30 minute run. 

Trust me – you have 30 minutes to spare today.

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