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Top 10 Observations from My Training Week in Tucson ~ by Stacey “SW” Finerman

May 31st, 2011

1. What dumba$$ decided that painting a running track black, in Tucson, was a good idea?
2. The only good thing about Jimmy being domestique on the rides is that you can chill during the three minutes it takes him fetch water from the convenience store.
3. Jimmy called two people prodigies: one of them was Justin Bieber. 
4. I totally agree with Jimmy’s thoughts on the Euro.
5. If it’s 110 degrees in Coeur d’Alene, and the lake is dried up – I will be totally ready for that marathon run.
6. We rode the world famous Saturday Shootout route backwards so that Jimmy could see what it felt like when his competition was going backwards.
7. When you have the option to drive to the start of the ride, take it.  Otherwise you will be doing your best Cadel Evans impression behind either a rookie pro cyclist (Victor Riquelme), or the winningest North American cyclist (former Canadian Professional, Gord Fraser).
8. You know you’re a triathlete when your best shoe purchase moment ever is no longer finding the perfect black high heel Jimmy Choo’s on sale at Saks . . . it’s when you learn that local Tucson Tri Store carries the discontinued Asics DS Trainer.
9. I’m so ready for Ironman Coeur d’Alene that Jimmy changed my nickname from Spud Woman to Stud Woman (SW). 
10. I will miss the old ladies in my Master’s swim group now that I can move up a few lanes.

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