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Via(ble) Alternative To Entering Starbuck’s

August 6th, 2011


Starbucks Via
Starbucks Via

As I was walking past a Starbuck’s in an airport the other day, I heard a gentleman order a, “Three pump Vanilla Latte with two extra shots, at EXACTLY 120 degrees.”  The brazenness of Starbuck’s patrons never ceases to amaze me. 

Therefore the boycott continues until Starbuck’s gets a coffee only, line – or better yet, sets up a self-serve station on which rests a pot of their above average tasting (in my opinion) coffee, and a money jar.  I would love the opportunity to dash into a Starbuck’s, fill a cup with coffee, chuck some money in the jar (plus a tip), and then hot-foot it out of there before hearing someone order a “coffee” drink that requires, among other things, a thermometer.
With the above off my chest, I recently purchased a package of Starbuck’s instant coffee, called Via.  You simply tear the top of the tiny packet, dump the coffee into hot water, stir, and then enjoy some surprisingly tasty coffee.

It’s great for the road, and allows me to enjoy Starbuck’s coffee without having to actually enter a Starbuck’s.  Give it a taste.

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